sarada conaway

To produce the Apartment Study series, residents of the Graduate Gardens complex allow Sarada Conaway to photograph their homes. As each apartment unit is alike, it is possible to observe exactly how individuals personalize their living areas and compare and contrast responses to a standardized architectural space.

Each participant also has the opportunity to receive a photograph of their choosing. The resident describes the picture that they’d like to own; Sarada Conaway attempts to create the requested image. Some requests are broadly defined and open to interpretation, other requests are quite specific. The photograph of a wedding veil and dress uniform (pictured right) is the result of one resident’s clear vision. She created the tableau, complete with natural window light, before the scheduled photo shoot.

This project is an opportunity to examine everyday living spaces with a level of attention usually reserved for architectural models, prestigious homes, or works of art. The process also allows for a collaborative experience where all participants are allowed substantial creative input.

Apartment Study 01
Apartment Study 02