sarada conaway
2005 - Present

Sarada Conaway began this ongoing project while attempting to acclimate to a new art department in graduate school. The format is simple and has not changed significantly over the years. She offers coffee or tea in small glass mug to a guest. While chatting, she asks them if they make art. If they say no, she asks them if they make anything, or some similar question. If the guest offers to pay, or asks how much for a particular item, she tells them that it’s free.

Despite the standard format, the project varies greatly depending on time and location. In the context of a university art department or art fair, running the cart was often interpreted as an art action, and usually immediately discussed as such. When presented on a public street, guests often seemed to take away the thought that a person working at a cart, who really likes talking about art, decided to give them a drink for free.

Sarada Conaway’s projects are often an opportunity to discuss how individuals and cultures differentiate art from non-art. This project is a very direct way to continuously have conversations on this topic.

Cafe Project
Cafe Project Cups